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Privacy Alert ! Internet providers will be selling your browser history

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Your browsing history “Unlocked” and going to be sold

Another shocking news published by American top newspaper “The Guardian”. According the news, American Congress voted to let internet providers sell your browsing history to any individual or company and there is strong possibility that the data will be sold to intelligence agencies as well so if you still thinking internet safer place anymore, You are at the wrong side.

The report says:

US Congress killed your right to online privacy

President Trump has signed into law a resolution that rolls back the FCC’s rules that prevented ISPs from collecting and selling customers’ data to third parties without their consent.

On 23th March, 2017 US Senate votes to dismantle landmark internet privacy protections for customers. This lets internet service providers (ISP) to sell your browsing history without any permission.And even more.

What an ISP can do with your browsing history ?

This also lets ISPs to:

  • Hijack searches
  • Snoop through your internet traffic and insert ads
  • Pre-install software on your phone and record your activity
  • Inject undetectable, undeletable tracking cookies in all of your unsecured web traffic

How to protect your  browsing history?

This is an important issue for all the users who use internet for any purpose so in order to protect your privacy whilst using internet, You need to encrypt all your internet traffic. There are hundreds of apps, extensions and encryption software available in the market so you can download both free or paid versions.

Note: There is no guarantee or proof that these encrypted software, apps and browser extensions will not sell your broswing history to any third party or firms but there is no solution other than that so you have to rely on this solution for the moment unless there is any other safe way to make it possible.

You can install browsec for chrome, zenmate for firefox and opera and other lot of IP changer programs that are available free and pro versions. So far IP changing and encryption is the only way but yet not confirmed for 100% reliability.