Top 3 Upwork Freelancers: The best Talent 2016

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check out the Latest Top 10 upwork freelancers profiles from Pakistan. List April 2017 

Top rated upwork freelancers

This is the most interesting question for the freelancers as well as the clients who want to hire the best talent for their web projects in the year of 2016. Today I jumped over using an organic search result on Google for the keyword “Top 3 upwork Freelancers“. So the page came up at Google’s 1st position of the first page was the link where any one can browse the freelancers list.

There is the best talent could be found at upwork for the multiple categories and of course there are individuals as well as freelancers Agencies that are the part of upwork community that provides high quality digital freelance services to the clients around the world.

Surprisingly, The top 2 freelancers are from Russia with great profiles and job history. They worked for thousands of hours and definitely deserve for the Top ranking.

Here is the list of Top 3 three Freelancers on Upwork:


1st positionFreelancer Name: Viladislav Y. from Russia – Network Expert – Top rated Freelancer with 100% Job success rate. Hourly rate is $45.00/hr. Over 9000 hourse worked – No of jobs only 05 so the long term clients happy with the services of this freelancer.


2nd-positionFreelancer Name:  Nikolay Chebotaryov  from Russia – JSE/JEE DB Dev – Rising Talent – $40/hour rate and he has worked for over 15,800 hours. Surprisingly the number of jobs is very low. Only 08 jobs completed so the clients are satisfied with the long term services of this freelancer.


3rd-positionFreelancer Name: Rafal Rzepecki from Poland – The humanist Programmer – 100% Job Success rate after 3400+ hours for the rate of $81.89 and that’s very high rate but very impressive.

There is a long list of the talented freelancers in hundreds of categories. Find the best talent on upwork using this Top 10 Freelancers on upwork

When it comes to the reason why upwork listed these freelancers on the top among thousands of active members, I guess the formula is, The minimum Number of jobs + maximum hours worked  but I may be wrong. However one thing is true that all these guys have excellent clients feedback and reviews that make their profiles to be classified as the top leaders in freelancing categories on upwork.

check out the Latest Top 10 upwork freelancers profiles from Pakistan. List April 2017