Tips to get feedback from the clients

Tips & tricks to get full marks and excellent feedback from an online client (Part 2)

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In my previous post, I have discussed why the feedback is important for a freelancer’s profile? I hope it make sense but I’m wondering if a freelancer thinks its just a formality. Again I emphasis on the importance of feedback and testimonial. it can be like a slow poison for your profile if you perform very well but in the end you just let the client go without leaving a feedback for your profile. It’s something like you complete your education but don’t get a certificate. In fact how well you performed and served for providing the best services to your client and the project was completed in time and the client was happy but if the client didn’t leave a feedback about the experience with you during the process, who knows how well you were during the project period.

How can you satisfy other client about your previous work. You will not be able to show how excellent you been throughout the process of completion for a particular job. For instance you performed very well for a client who hired you for a web designing job, you were brilliant and went out of the box, you were easy to communicate, punctual, responsive, adaptable and have been giving the fruitful advice throughout the project that’s why the client was happy and he / she appreciated your work and admire every thing you done for him. Yet who knows that after completion the job and once the client is out of touch, after the completion of the job, you will lose all your future opportunities and chances to be hired easily for a relevant job in absence of a good remark form the client.

How will you satisfy a new client who wants to know about your previous work history to get an idea about your attitude, punctuality, availability, suggestions and honesty. So if you have been providing excellent services and your all the clients were happy with your work but you didn’t get regular feedback and reviews from the clients, certainly your profile value is not more than “zero” specially while applying for the new projects.

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 How to get positive feedback and full marks from the client? 

Here comes, how to get positive feedback from a happy client with full marks to boost your profile rank and status among the group and the platform where you provide the services.

  1. When the project is going to be finalized, start making client’s mind towards leaving a positive feedback for your profile. To do that you can remind the client every time whenever he response happily. You can ask the client ” I am happy to serve you sir, I provided exact results you required and similarly I don’t think that you would not leave a positive feedback with two to three lines of comments about how well we shared and cooperated with each other”.
  2. Before changing the job status as completed, you should remind the client that you deserve couple of lines for a good positive remarks with full marks. Remember usually the clients are not familiar with the way of leaving feedback so you should be ready to help them to get accessed to the relevant links or pages.
  3. If you forgot for asking a client about to leave feedback for you and the job has been completed, you should send couple of friendly email reminders about that. You should use encouraging words for the clients projects.
  4. For instance, “Dear sir, I’m happy to serve you for the said job. it was an excellent working experience with you. I enjoyed working with you as you were prompt both in response and payments. Now, I am wondering if you didn’t leave couple of positive lines as remarks about how do you see the cooperation and services we shared with each other during the project. I’m sure you won’t ignore because it is requested for betterment and improvement of my profile.”
Why the Testimonial is important for getting online jobs?

On the other hand, Testimonials would help you if you have a blog, website or have simple profile to show your clients while discussing on new projects. Testimonials will help a client to get a brief information about your behavior, response, creativity and level of skills along with experience that you show in your profile.

you should create an independent page with the heading “Testimonials” or “Feedback” so that you can refer a client to display what your clients say about your professionalism, creativity, skills and experience. You should add the pictures and comments with complete reference of the job id/ref number or the project heading so that a new client can check if required for more satisfaction.

Remember that if you use a usual way to show testimonials, in which you just type comments under quotations,  it definitely won’t leave any impression on the reader because you didn’t provide with the job reference, heading, client photo and the URL. So try to show

  1. Customer Photo & location (subject to permission)
  2. Project name / heading
  3. Comments / feedback
  4. Reviews and Marks
  5. URL of the website / Blog or the online page (if any)

Again I would say that the formula of getting future jobs is simple. Full information about you, impressive portfolio, To the point proposal and positive feedback with the reference of testimonial page. This is the key to get hired successfully for a freelance online job. 

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