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Payoneer Card not received: Updated 2016 The best way to get (Solved)

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Today I’m going to add updates 2016 for a very important topic that I’m asked from hundreds of users and visitors over the years. That is “Payoneer master card not received” through the Free of cost Payoneer shipping even the expected time is passed.

Well, its just like a gun without bullet, if you couldn’t receive your Payoneer master debit card even after more than 30 days. I have already written an article on “The fastest way to get Payoneer Master card delivered” in 2013.

How to get Payoneer Master Card in Pakistan within 3 to 4 days?

Honestly, I can guess the patience or frustration that you may have if the Payoneer card is not delivered because that means you waited too long, you know! Around 20, 30 days before the card is approved by Payoneer and then 30 or 30+ days for the shipping process so that could be around 50, 60 days or 2 months.

That’s a long time for a freelancer and really painful. you know! But let me ask you a very basic question first. Did you ask Payoneer to deliver your Payoneer card through the normal Payoneer delivery procedure that takes 20+ days without any guarantee of receiving at your home?

payoneer-card-processIf yes, then you supposed to be a great patient because the normal delivery process through the local post is pretty much uncertain. Because Payoneer doesn’t take any responsibility if the card is late, missing or not delivered at your home. There is no way to track the route of card to know where exactly it is if not delivered to you.

This is free of cost, but not reliable and there is very low percentage of the “Payoneer card” holders who received the card through normal shipping within the time at their door step. They’re Lucky enough I’m sure 🙂 because they saved $50 fee.

Payoneer Pakistan: Is DHL the best solution to get Master Card?

But Instead of that, if you order the card via DHL expedited shipping for Pakistan India Bangladesh SriLanka etc, Payoneer currently offers the options for expedited shipping for the users who live outside USA. DHL expedited shipping at a cost of $50 and overall shipping time is 4 to 7 business days.

So, If you wish to order the card via expedited shipping, Contact Payoneer support with your shipping address as below:
Street Address (limit to 60 characters):
Zip Code:
Phone number:

The only thing to do is, You must have $50 to $55 in your Payonner Account to cover the expedited shipping cost.

Why DHL Express Service is recommended to receive the Payoneer Card?

DHL-Expited-shipping-Payoneer-CardBecause this is the best way to get the card delivered at your door-step within 5 to 7 days (minimum within 3 to 4 days). You are provided a “unique DHL customer account ID” so that you could login and track your item unless it is arrived at your home.

This is fast and reliable method since you are sure to get your item within the given time. DHL tracking is enabled as soon as they picked up the shipment from Payoneer office. You could track the real time movement of the Payoneer card by minutes and hours. see the attached picture of DHL Express Shipment Tracking from the customer’s account.

Although, This is expensive a bit but not as frustration as you may face when your Payoneer card doesn’t arrives and you want to withdraw the funds for any urgent need.

Having said that, The time is money so as soon as you received your card is better than the long wait and sometimes huge disappointment for not receiving the card.

 Payoneer makes it easy for professionals to collect payments from their global clients