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Solved: How to remove 21 days PayPal Hold? 100% legitimate way 2019

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Paypal Release Funds Trick 2019

After my Last Article published here at FreelanceFront about “100% verified PayPal in Pakistan“, A huge number of bloggers, Sellers and Freelancers reached me and put lot of inquiries to know about how to remove PayPal 21 days hold on their payment. Well, first of all I want to thank you to the large amount of my readers around the globe specially in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and other regions for sending their feedback about that article which is now picked by Google for the 1st position of 1st page in Google’s SERP list.

Let’s have a recap of my last article that I wrote for the freelancers, bloggers, Sellers living outside USA and can’t enjoy the perks of PayPal because PayPal is not functional in their country for any reason. So if any one is reading about PayPal 21 days hold on payment and want to create a 100% verified PayPal account first, S/he can do it easily.

Step 1:  Go to a Fake USA address Generator website.

Step 2: Generate a random address – remember the first 3 digits (—) of his/her phone number.

Step 3: Create a Free virtual Phone number at TextNow.

Step 4: Install an IP changer browser extension name “Browsec” in your browser. Select USA IP.

Step 5: Create a Paypal account with the Fake Name & address that you generated using your Virtual Phone number.

Step 6: Verify Paypal verification email and login to your newly created account. Go to “confirm mobile” option. Verify your virtual phone number through “Text message” option.

Note: for detailed instructions about how each step should be performed, read previous article.  

Why PayPal put 21 days hold on your payment?

A very common answer is to protect buyer’s payment from any possible dispute or issue in case the purchased item or service doesn’t match the original statement of the Goods or the Goods / services not received by the buyer for the cost paid for.

But another suspected assumption circulating around the globe among the finance people and money dealers who know this kind of method to hold the payment received online. They assumed that PayPal just hold the payment for growing interests for 21 days. So for instance PayPal holds each payment worth $1.00, That’s $2,000,000 growing interests for 21 days. Interesting? believe it or not.

Paypal Release Funds Trick 2019:

How to remove 21 days payment hold by PayPal?

Ok now we move to the next level after creating PayPal Account successfully verified 100%. You like or not PayPal has its own rules and regulations that you have to follow without any argument so you should read their policy updates in order to be informed about what and what not to do. Don’t complain PayPal about anything happened to you for receiving, Sending or holding payments for short or long period. PayPal has a right to institute policy they believe will protect or enrich the business.

In order to secure the buyer payment transactions, “PayPal 21 days hold” put on each newly created account. That means if you received payment in your account after selling any goods or service, You can’t withdraw the money unless 21 days are passed without any complaint made by the buyer whom you provided service or sold an item. If their is no issue on the particular transaction, Your money will be available to use after 21 days. right ?

OK, Remember ! The very first payment received in your PayPal account is immediately available to use or withdraw without any 21 days hold.

So, be careful testing your first payment because if you test with a minor amount, you may lose a chance to withdraw a big money.     

Disclaimer: This is a tested case couple of times by the author but still he can’t be responsible for any loss or issue raised because this is just a piece of information.

Once you received any payment against any transaction you made with another PayPal user, You will received email notification with information about 21 days hold by PayPal. Yet you are eligible to get the payment 7 to 14 days if you notify PayPal for a successful shipment to the buyer whom you sold any item or provided service.

How much time is required to PayPal 21 days hold be removed?

Over the months, Different people notified different duration while PayPal removed the hold of 21 days on the users accounts. Someone got the hold removal in 60 days and someone 365 and over a year as well. So this is not the case of a certain time period but I’m pretty much sure that this is just the case of quality selling and instant notification to PayPal about a particular transaction that is successfully delivered and the buyer notified the same to PayPal in reply of their email towards the buyer asking him about the experience for the said transaction.

Add Tracking in to a “Tangible” item after successfully shipped or delivered.

 tangible PayPal tracking infoSo first thing first, as soon as you sold any goods or service and received payment in your PayPal account, You should inform PayPal if you have shipped your goods (physical item) by “adding tracking info” so that PayPal can verify if the buyer has received the shipped item(s) as perfect as S/he ordered for. If the buyer doesn’t reply to PayPal for any issue regarding the order, it is considered as the item is perfect and successfully shipped to the buyer.

Remember that it may take longer because shipment time may be different.

Add Tracking in to an “inTangible” item after successfully provided or delivered.

intangible PayPal tracking infoAnother type of transaction is intangible goods that can be provided online like software, Domain name, Websites, Blogs, Antivirus, eBook, Patches, Downloads etc. Similarly you can notify PayPal right after providing intangible items or services using add tracking info option. In that case, PayPal may release your payment after 7 to 10 days.

Find the link “Add tracking info” and click it to go to the next page where you should select “Order Processed” from the drop down list of “Order Status”.

Check mark “Tracking information not required”. The other options would be disabled. Now submit your form and that’s all. PayPal will inform the buyer that they received a claim of successful delivery.

Paypal Release Funds Trick 2019:

Trick to use for becoming an Established Seller at PayPal without 21 Days Hold on Payment.

Now all you need to do is, quickly make at least 5 successful transaction within a short time period. Commonly within 60 days. More successful transactions would be better so higher the number of successful sales, the better the chances to get released the payment before 21 days. Once you made around 10 to 15 successful transactions to the different buyers without any PayPal dispute or payment issue, PayPal most likely to be removed the hold after reviewing your account status. Otherwise you can contact support requesting for a review about you successful transactions.

Quick Tip to be approved for get removed Hold on Payment by PayPal.

One more important thing. At least once you should receive a payment from a USA based PayPal user using Payment option of “Friend n Family”. I see several cases where PayPal didn’t release the hold unless one received a payment from “Friends and Family” method. (This is my personal observation that may be not a reality but can be exercised.)           

Here is the summary of how to get 21 days PayPal hold removed. 
  •  1. Make at least 5 or more transactions successfully to the different PayPal user accounts. 
  • 2. Add tracking info to each one as soon as your item / services successfully delivered. 
  • 3. Receive a payment from at least one USA based user using “Friends and Family” option. 
  • 4. Wait for PayPal to remove the hold otherwise you should contact them after 40 to 60 days.  

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