What is Domaining? How to become a Domainer in Pakistan


What is Domaining or Domain Flipping?

This is the most asked question so let me define it. The Domaining is the term used for “Buying  Selling 0r Re-selling” the Domain names (website name or URL) by an individual, a domain broker or a company” on the Internet. This is also called “Domain Flipping“. Because a professional buy or register a domain name for a low price and then find the potential buyers who need the domain name at the different domain name marketplaces like,,, etc so they buy for a good or high price to the required domain name. This is a huge industry on the internet that is growing with unbelievable speed specially after the “Chinese Domain investors” are involved since last year. (I’ll discuss on this topic later).

Who is the “Domainer”?

So you understand the very basic introduction of Domaining or Flipping, is simply the buying and selling of the domain names on the Internet. The Professional Seller of Domain names called the “Domainer” in this industry and supposed to be a dedicated and knowledgeable dealer who knows the details of the domain name, the history, potential use of the domain, market price, market demands and the registration, renewal and transfer process of the particular domain name.

The newly registered domain names are less likely selling items as compared to the old domains that called “Aged domains” so the older the domain name, the higher the re-selling price. For example, a domain name that is registered first time in 2001, it could be sold for over thousand dollars today as it is 15 years old but it should be a keyword, a name, a defining word or composition of two or more words, Numeric domain less than 6 characters etc. (I’ll explain each type of domain later in my articles)

domaining-in-PakistanSince this is just to let you know that what is Domain, and what about Domaining, I want to keep it simple and to the point discussion here so every one who is interested in delving into this huge money making industry should know the basic Domaining knowledge before they get started.


Is the “Domain buying Selling” similar to the Real Estate Business?

Yes, In order to understand “Domaining”, The Real Estate is a very good example since the process and procedure is quite similar. The only difference is that you can physically have land, house, building to see physically while the domain name is can be seen only on the Internet as a virtual path like or (I’ll explain the difference of http & www later in my articles). So you can buy Real Estate property after visiting the location physically or an online map and then decide the market value of that property before making a final decision. You check the owner’s detail and documents, facilities for residence or commercial use, potential for investment and the other necessary possibilities and after confirmation you invest to buy that property.

Almost similar procedure involved in dealing with Domains when it comes to buying, selling as investor or developing a website, blog, online store, eCommerce portal etc. As a buyer, you see how old is the domain name that you are willing to buy? Mostly the domain names are bought for investment purposes in today’s world since this is the most secure and growing industry for the investors who don’t want to put their money in Real Estate property business specially I would refer again to the “Chinese domain investors” who jumped over “Domains buying selling” business after the China stock market crashes first in 2015 and the very 1st week of 2016.

Anyways, In my upcoming articles, I would discuss on the process involved in buying selling Domain names online, Domain registrars, Domain hosting, Domain Parking business, Domain transfer, How to pay for a domain online and several other relevant topics.

Pakistan’s first Domainers Community group on facebook is created and everyone can join this group. Good luck!