Why Freelancers failure to get freelance jobs?

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 Over the years, people have been finding the solution to prevalent their increasing expenses an account of price hike regularly. One most common idea to overcome this issue is, a part time job. Nevertheless its a hard tip specially for those who already been engaged with their regular job and they really face inconvenience with their tight schedule. The facts and figures collected via a number of surveys around the world shows that the people still struggling with their schedule and earning potential while the most common factor is to not getting time for their family and even for themselves.

There are tons of articles & blogs available over the internet to concisely discuss on the topic but let me share some very simple words and my personal experience to describe a very easy, most popular earning formula with you. it’s none other than Freelance job . What is freelance ? well I have concisely discussed on Freelance jobs, freelance career & how to become a freelancer in my previous posts.

You must be wondering if I am not going to discuss the advantages of Freelance jobs as I know there are millions of blogs and posts could be found by a simple search phrase written in the Search Engines search bar. What I am going to do is, sharing my own experience over the months to see how people react while they are failed to get a freelance job. I noticed that there was  huge negative impression among the people who failed to get the job on the different platforms specially those who are providing freelance jobs around the world.

As I am a Freelancer, providing the freelance Web site & blog designing services using WordPress, Joomla and other CMS tools along with Logo & Graphics designing, Freelance Article Writing, Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing like Facebook / Twitter/ Linkedin etc, on Elance which is a reputable freelance job provider website. I have been noticing and collected some amazing figures on elance by searching my own name “Shahzad” in the “Search Contractor” category. I found more than 300 profiles with the same name but only two, yes only two profiles including mine, displayed complete profile with some jobs in the job history that shows that the contractor has been awarded the job and either he is working or has completed the job. visit the link to see the said figures https://www.elance.com/r/contractors/q-shahzad%20/p-2

It could not be stimulating if the figure is above your thoughts. Well that is fact that the people do not focus on their profile and I think one of the main reason is, some people are impatient and they might understand that freelance jobs are as easy to get as they just send proposal and the buyer should accept their bid at once. Well this is absolutely wrong perception about the freelance jobs. The buyers have their own preferences to get the job done. They observe every proposal sent by a freelancer, no matter what expertise and skills the freelancer has, The buyers will not contact at all in case their is incomplete profile or the proposal doesn’t meet the requirements of the job.

Diving into the sea of  Freelancing is no more daunting. All you need to have a complete profile no matter which platform do you use to get started. I recommend Elance.com as I found the look and structure is so simple. there is no complex navigation or jargon used within the site. Elance have a very strong grip on their niche. The payment structure and setup provide guaranteed availability of the funds at the time of final deliverable. The Payment method is very straight forward and friendly both for Contractor (Freelancer) and the buyer (Job provider).

I’ll try to focus more on this topic in my upcoming Articles shortly but for the time being, I just want to say that Freelancing is all about to sell your skills and experience with excellent relationship not only with the buyer but for the platform you use for Freelance jobs. So selling your skills, experience and professionalism demand to demonstrate concisely to the buyer so that buyer could provide the job without hesitation with clear instructions to get the job done within the timeline and the budget.  Please keep visiting this website to get more information and tips to become a freelancer till the next post.