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Just launched today a huge auction at namepros for the Premium Hot one word 4 letters (LLLL) Domain name with a “vip” extension representing a monster category of $250 billions Taxi industry in the world. On May 14 2017 is live on auction with the following specifications:

  • Domain name:
    Registered at: Dynadot (Renewal fee $6.99)
    Expiry Date: 5/12/2018
    Average Searches: 10 million plus
    Broad Monthly Searches: 30,378,000
    Exact Monthly Searches: 367,220All other extensions and new tlds are Taken
    Great Number of Advertisers for “Taxi” and “Taxi Vip” Keywords

This is the most popular and high value Domain name for Taxi Industry and just after the auction was live, It caught the attentions of professional and expert domainers and they started bidding back to back. Within a few hours it received over 22 bids and the auction is still underway.

Same “Taxi Domain name” with different extensions sold for high price. Here is a sales history for the sold domains in the same niche.

“Taxi” domains Sales History
:::::::: $75,000 USD ::::::::::: N/A ::::::::::: 1/1/2008 ::::::::::: $35,000 USD ::::::::::: N/A ::::::::::: 1/1/2008 ::::::::::: $7,500 USD ::::::::::: Private ::::::::::: 2/9/2011 ::::::::::: $3,100 USD ::::::::: Sedo :::::::::::12/7/2011 :::::::::::: $3,000 USD ::::::::::: Sedo ::::::::::: 4/19/2011 ::::::::::: $1,343 USD ::::::::::: N/A ::::::::::: 6/4/2007 ::::::::::::: $1,048 USD ::::::::::: Sedo ::::::::::: 4/17/2012​

Other top level domains sales history can be searched for more details. “” sold for $75,000 in 2008 when the Domain industry was not so popular as compare to the current days. These days Domaining is a huge profitable industry in the world with billions of investment and more than billions of profit margin.

Coming to the Auction for again. It is a unique and the most preferred Domain name specially for the Taxi business companies around the world. There are a long list of Advertisers who spend big money for advertising on the keyword “Vip Taxi” and “Taxi vip” so they have a great opportunity to save huge advertising amount by acquiring Domain name from auction at namepros.

Here is the Auction details:

  • Bid started with the opening price of  $10
    Bid Increment is set to $2 or more
    Ends after 75 hours after the last bid BUY NOW (BIN) PRICE is not disclosed so far and will be added later.

All the investors and brokers including new domainers are invited to bid or Make offer for buying this Premium Taxi Domain name at namepros.