Websites Sellers Beware of the fake buyers on auction and Microjobs sites

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This article is extension of my previous article on the ways and tricks that is being used to commit frauds on the internet. Today I am exposing another fraud trick that online buyers use to cheat the website sellers.

Also this is my recent personal experience that I am going to share with my readers so that they can save their money or product if some one use the said trick. It is a typical fraud trick is being used on the different auction sites and Micro Jobs websites where skilled and experienced IT professionals provide web services, seo services, websites selling, domains selling services etc for as little as $5.

But there are a community of the buyers who make these services providers and seller fool and give them loss by getting the product or services and pretending or giving bogus arguments at the time of payment .

These types of buyers knowing as FAKE BUYERS can be found on every eCommerce site and you can’t recognize them unless you deal with them so at least the first time you may have loss.

What trick the fake buyers use to commit fraud with the websites sellers?

Its common practice that these buyers create fake accounts on the auctions and eCommerce sites as well as micro jobs sites and they hire service providers and get their services for their interests but when the service provider delivered the services, these fake buyers try to make bogus arguments for either getting more services for the said price or sometimes to not paying against the services they received. They make nonsense arguments to save their money. 

I noticed same recent activity from a buyer on a website who bought a website and when I delivered, he started pretending for not to paying. He raises such a funny arguments that any one can laugh on and in the end refused to pay but kept the website files and database. 

one of these fake buyer is Terence Williams <> and the sellers should be aware of this buyer. 

These kind of buyers are every where so the sellers and service providers should be aware of these cheaters and it is responsibility of those guys to expose such a so called buyers who make people fool with their new and old fraud tricks.