5 Simple Tips to write an Article that rank your blog on 1st page of google

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5 Simple Tips to write an Article that rank your blog on 1st page of google

top 5 ranking tips for articles

5 Simple Tips to Write an Article that I used to rank 230 keywords on the 1st page of Google.

This article is an eye-opener for those who think that getting a high rank for the blog or website is almost impossible unless purchase paid traffic. Please avoid looking at the ads and campaigns that entice you to buy the traffic from them so who is actually making money? You or they? Definitely, they are making money with your blog or website instead of you. Think about it for a moment!

In this article, I’m going to reveal the tested formula that I have been using to get my articles ranked at the top of Google right after publishing. Sound interesting? Let’s have a look at that secret below.

The question is “What” to do in order to get your website higher in the Google search list as well as on Alexa which is the most recognized Ranking tool for websites on the internet? Alexa tells a website’s Global ranking position as well as the Local or regional ranking position using their most advanced functionality and technology that is trusted by the majority of internet users.

One of my top-ranked articles about the Top 10 Pakistani Blogs and Bloggers written on the 23rd of February 2017 actually a list of 25 Top Pakistani websites in Alexa just to know the best blogs and bloggers in Pakistan. So in particular, my blog freelancefront.com’s Local ranking (Ranking in Pakistan) was 42,877 and the Global or World Ranking was 2,371,219 according to “Alexa.com”

I just thought to improve the ranking of my blog without running any campaign like the blogger using email marketing campaign using an already available subscribers list, paid advertisement on Facebook or Google Adwords, etc. But then

What is the best way to get a higher ranking on Alexa or Google search lists?

Well, Honestly everyone hates to pay for getting ranked at the top of Google and Alexa but most of them have to. Only one way out to kick them out and it is “writing the best content for your blog or website”.

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What I did to boost my Alexa Ranking by more than 50%?

The way I used to get a higher ranking was to write something that boost my ranking and level on Google and Alexa so when I see the results after a month, the result was a Local Alexa rank (ranking in Pakistan) of over 17000 while the Global rank was over 15,00,000 so that mean I jumped more than 50% just because I wrote and publish quality content on Google.

It is not just a dream that you could get a high boost for your blog or website with great content because still “The content is King” lifts a page up overnight so just try to write compelling content related to your niche.

My Formula “WOSCS” is the solution to getting a high ranking in Google overnight

All you need to do is, just use my own created formula I call it “WOSCS” and what is it? find below:

  1. Write for your audience
  2. Optimize for Search Engine
  3. Submit to Google Webmaster using sitemap
  4. Circulate on Google+ for extra marks
  5. Share on Social media for friends and followers

What happens when you do the right things in the right way? The WOSCS really worked for me for every article I wrote after testing my WOSCS. I have been using the same formula to get results and just to let you know:

Google ranked my blog freelancefront.com on the 1st page for 230 keywords up to date.

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Now the 2nd question is “How” to write the content that really required to get found on Google’s 1st page?

Usually, my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter ask me How a single well optimized well content professionally written article can give our blog or website a high ranking boost in the Google Search list overnight?

This is true because Google’s first priority is that the content should be written for the readers not for Google so instead of inspiring Google, one should write to inspire the audience who reach to the blog organically through Google for any searched phrase or keyword.  

Now we move on to the next part of your “How”. 

How to write quality content that inspires readers to read till the end?

My way, I simply use the following tips to get started with a demanding topic that people are supposed to be searching and you can’t find it anywhere better than Google because Google has the record of each and every search and its result. So no rocket science there. All you need to do is:

  • Login to your Google Webmaster Tools account
  • Go to your website console for the statistics.
  • Click “Search Traffic” and it will show you a drop-down list.
  • Click on “Search Analytics“.

It will show you the analytics of your site so you can check Queries, Clicks, CTR, and Position in the Google search list. Definitely, there are lots of other options to check in Google Webmaster Tools but for the moment you check only what I have discussed here.

Now uncheck the Queries, Clicks, and Position check boxes and just keep the “Impressions” box checked.

Impressions mean how many times Google displayed your website link in the search results page (SERP) for the searched keyword. 


Check the top keyword that Google displayed your website link in search results for. That means Google is concerned to the specific content for that keyword that your website may have but not ranked higher in the Google SERP (Search Engine Results page) so this is the indication and almost an invitation to you to give attention and start promoting your site for that keyword(s).

For example see the snapshot I Just added below:

google webmaster tools inside

so you see that “Payoneer Card” is the top keyword in my Google Webmaster Tools with over 3700 impressions. so most likely if write articles about Payoneer cards for providing useful information to my blog audience and the searchers that Google referred to my blog through organic search, the chances are Google will establish my blog or website at the top of the search list for that specific keyword “Payoneer Card”. Now as you know “the best topic for writing an Article” in your blog, What are you waiting for?

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What are the Prerequisites to start writing an article?

This is the challenging part of your blogging so do some research about the selected topic carefully. First of all search on Google for the keyword that you selected to write the article on. Google’s 1st page is enough to give you the spark to bring ideas to your mind so read the results that Google displayed for your search.

Respectfully, you have to consider the titles of the search results links because Google gives top priority to the available content those websites have for the searched keyword. write the titles in a text file and observe the style and find the keyword position of each title.

For example, if I write an article for Payoneer Card, I will use the keyword at the beginning of my title.

Use the main Keyword at the beginning of the title:

using your main keyword in the title is a clear indication for Google to understand what is your article all about. so try to use this simple tip for the selection of a title. Remember, always use a title length under 57 characters max because if you write more than that, Google “will not” display the full title and it will be marked as a negative.

Choose a title that is memorable and gives clear information about your whole article. because this is a common practice that a title that has the exact keyword at the start, catchy words with an interesting feel always inspire the readers to check what your article has for them.

1. Write for your Audience, not for Google!

This is the first and most important thing of the “WOSCS” formula.

Question: Why write for the audience and “not for Google” if Google is the Search Engine and display the results to the readers?

Answer: According to the head of Google’s Webspam team “Matt Cutts”, Google’s first priority is to provide “the best exact result” for the searched keyword. Whether it is found on a website, in a blog, or in an eCommerce site, Google’s crawlers find it within a second to display what a reader is searching for.

Google finds the best content that matches the search terms so the priority is not to have the article that is purely written for the search engine but has “No” or “Poor” or maybe “Copied” information about the specific keyword. So the thumb rule is simple.

Write for the Audience, Unique content and full of information

2. Optimize for Search Engine

Once you have written the article for your audience, It’s time to optimize it for Search Engine. So the search engine considers it for all the required aspects they preferred to show the searchers.

How to optimize the Article?    

  • Write your article with a title length of up to 57 characters.
  • Use all headings “H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6” properly in the right order.
  • Use the keyword in the headings.
  • Use the Keyword in the paragraph once in the beginning but it should look naturally written and not as you added it by force.
  • Bold, Italicize, Underline, comma, hrefs for links should be used in the article.
  • At least one outbound link to the relevant high-ranked site. for example, I linked payoneer.com’s special offer for a $25 Bonus FREE on New sign up for the keyword Payoneer Card.
  • At least one internal link to your page or post for the relevant keyword.
  • Add a “Featured Image” and an inside image within the text with the “Alt” attribute.
  • Check all the links are working and not broken.

3. Submit Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools

The third important factor is to let Google and other search engine know that you have updated your blog or website with an article for any specific keyword and lots of useful information. In order to do that,

  • Login to your “Google Webmaster Tools” account
  • Go to your website console
  • Click “Crawl” to get a drop-down list
  • Click “Sitemaps
  • Go to the red button saying “Add/Test Sitemap

write ahead of your website link in the blank field “sitemap.xml” and click submit.

Note: If you don’t have any “sitemap” created for your website or blog, Install the “Google XML sitemaps” Free plugin for WordPress or search Google to generate one online and add it to your site. 

4. Circulate on Google+ for extra marks

Everyone knows Google+ is a social platform of Google so there is nothing to say that you must publish your article link on this social media community for not only getting the traffic but for the plus rank to the article. Since Google+ is a monster-sized community with thousands of plus points using Google’s guidelines, any shared content on Google+ gets ultimate attention from Google search Engine.

I personally tested it, Sometimes Google displayed my shared article on Google+ right after I published the article and submitted the sitemap. So it really worked for me and that’s why I recommend this and added it to my WOSCS formula.

You can also create a video for the content you created in the article and upload that video to Youtube and then place a link to your website to get a very strong “backlink” from YouTube but here I’m not going to discuss Youtube so far because I’ll write about it a separate article.

5. Share on Social media for friends and followers

Social Media is a massive part of the Internet and you can’t afford to avoid that in order to rank your website at the top of Google because Google search results must include a social signal from social media so when it comes to getting the ranking, you must put your content to the audience read at the social media community.

One of the big giant “social media” communities is Facebook and the other one is Twitter so at least you should have your appearance on both of these social media forums. Twitter, I must say is the rapid response provider forum because within seconds you can check the results. Traffic comes to your content rapidly and that’s a good sign to give a quick boost to your article. Let your “Followers” know that you have tweeted about a fresh article on your blog.

Then it comes to Facebook which needs no introduction because you know that a Facebook profile and/or a Facebook fan page is worth especially when you linked your blog to the Facebook page or put a widget from Facebook to your blog to show instant posting from your blog to Facebook so it’s two-way traffic. You send your content to Facebook and then in reply, Facebook returns you big advantages that count in your blog and website ranking in the Google SERP list.

So just put a post on your Facebook profile or page and share it to the relevant groups and pages to see how people react to your content the result will tell you if the post is exactly what the readers looking for and the feedback and comments will truly boost you to do it again with the more effective content.


Again it is a simple tip to get indexed in Google for better ranking. Just write on the demanding topics with genuine content and real information with references and visuals (images and/or videos) then optimize your article under Google’s guideline and submit it to Google Webmaster Tools. Publish it to the audience of Google Plus and other Social media and see the results.

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