chinese stock market crashes 2016

Freelance Domainers Alert – The Chinese stock market crashes again


Chinese Stock Suspended as shares down 7% in the first week of 2016

Once again the Chinese stock market crashed. The stock market suspended as shares dropped 7%. What impact could be seen on the Domain market? The Chinese domainers are very much in into the domain market since the first time the stock was crashed. Would it be a cause of more strength and the Chinese domainers would rush to the Domain market to invest their money once again. 


Chinese Premium Domain Sales Price Comparison 

Over the months of 2015, the Domain market rapidly grew and unbelievable boost was coming into seen to the domain prices. Specially 4 letters .com with Chinese Premium letters now a days referred to as “CHIP” (Chinese Premium) got huge boost and the price was up very fast and very high. For example the domain names without “vowels A, E, I, O, U” and “V” referred to “Chinese Premium Letters” (CHIPs) were being sold on different Domain names marketplaces like Godaddy, Afternic, SEDO, etc for a floor price of $20.00 to $30.00 but when the Chinese stock market crashed first time in 2015, the investor rushed to the Domain market in order to invest and save their assets and that was the reason of a rapid boost in Domain name market for the domains specially 4 Letters ( and now even

Chinese Premium Domains CHIP Sales Price





The Prices of Chinese Premium (CHIPs) Domains with “.com” extension are from $2000.00 onward while “.net” CHIPs are being sold for over $250.00 at different marketplaces. Similarly the (4 Letters .com) domain with any letters are being sold for over $300.00 while the “Any letter” domains are being sold for $30.00 onward. 

Similarly, the other short character domain names prices has been risen with a rapid boost and the floor price are now around 10 times more than its base floor price. price are now jumped to minimum $15000.00 to $90,000.00 now. This is not just speculation but real current market prices as of today’s domain name market. 

So, would the crash of current days Chinese stock market could be the reason to lift the prices more up than the current market prices? The upcoming time would answer this question but the Domainers with a lot of great Chinese Premium domains (CHIPs) as well as Any letters may get a chance to become millionaire very shortly if this happens again. 


New Domainers Must Know the Essentials 

New Domainers still have the chance to get into the train as the party is not yet over and with a small budget of $1000.00, you could jump into the crowd but the plans and strategy would be very much essential and the knowledge of Domains TLDs and gTLDs must be a reason of up and down for the investment a domainer put into this. So before getting into that, Kindly do enough research about the what hot and what could give the best ROI.