Find a Domain Name

Learn what is a domain name? How to find a Good Website Name


 The Number of websites and blogs registrations on the Internet, Is significantly increasing on daily basis. There are millions of websites and blogs registered by every kind of people whether they are students or a multinational millionare business corporation. That’s why the domain registration business on the Internet is the most profitable business because every one who wants to join millions of people on the Internet to learn or to teach even sales and purchase online, has to register his/her website or domain name first. Here comes domain name registrar or domain name resellers. 

What is a Domain Name? How to find a good Domain name for a Website/Blog?


If you are planing to join the Internet for any purpose or aim, you have to get a website name registered for your onlne presence, so that online users, companies and  Search Engines can easily find your website or blog to see what kind of content do you have to show the world. Your website may contain any niche related content, your profile, bio data, family pictures, Educational notes, business documents, online store, money transactions etc.

The main thing is that you should be specific while choosing your website domain name. A domain name is just like a “Title or Name of a Book” that expresses the idea of content about the Book. For instance, A cooking guide book has a relevant name so that a reader can get an idea about what is inside the book. Similarly a sports book has sports related graphics and the relevant name to express the content of the particular book.

So, you should pick a relevant name for your website that matches the exact theme of the content you are going to put on your website for the people who search the relevant content through the search engines or using a direct link. Simply a Domain name is the name of your website or Blog.

Example of a relevant domain names:

If you are going to sell a home gardening e-Book on the Internet, You must find a domain name / website name that a user can easily get an idea about. So you may find the relevant name on a domain name providers website by searching the appropriate words in the search field. You may face problem in finding the best domain name as there are millions of websites are already using the same name so it will be hard to find the best match. But you can find the two three words domain names that contain your desired domian name or word in it like, or   

Remember that a website which contains relevant words in the domain name, receives more oraganic traffic than a website that does not expresses the content idea in the domain name so you should be pretty much specific while selecting a domain name. 

 Note: In the next article, I’ll tell you how to register a website domain name that best matches to your niche.