How to increase Web site Traffic using easy Tips & Tricks


The Online Economy or the world of Virtual Enterprise where business and revenue generation is moving onto the Internet is an exciting new opportunity for individuals who can fuse marketing tools with global requirements and outreach.

No longer are you restricted to narrow geographical constraints, now you can move across borders, into new markets and domains without stepping away from the comfort of your padded chair and computing device.

But, and here’s the catch. It doesn’t mean it’s all easy and breezy. There is a fair bit of hard work involved and that’s what we’re here for. To help you understand the intricacies of Online work and how to improve your performance and incomes.

Today, we’ll discuss how you can increase traffic to your content. Because no matter how great your content is, it needs traffic and an audience to be relevant and rewarded.

So here’s my top 3, and the easiest 3, ways of increasing traffic to your online resource.

Get Social!

A personal favorite of mine, for the reason that this remains the simplest and the most solid way of increasing your traffic. If you create good content, that is compelling and encourages discussion, Social Media platforms allow for outreach that’s sustainable and for users to forward your work constantly. So get your content ready and promote it through your friends, family and professional contacts. Sorted.

Reward Users

Apart from great content, you also need to ensure your visitors come back to your site and you will need to keep motivating them to do that.

So why not give away prizes? So, for example, what I do is suggest to clients who work in fashion, to award a monthly makeover worth a certain amount to loyal followers and audience members. This creates a buzz around your product, allowing you to market your services and reach out to new clients, all at the same time.

 Get Offline too!

Now, we’ve covered, in other posts on this site, the importance of Link Building and online advertising through Google AdSense and other such advertising networks, but I have found that a small outlay on advertising offline can help reap benefits.

So find a local area newspaper or classifieds and put your ad in. I post my availability as a writer, along with price schedules (this ensures there’s no argument and price issues later) in my local gazette. This has resulted in 3 new contracts in the last 2 months. And suffice to say, income is always welcome! So try something a little off beat and it will help you as well.

There are a lot more ways of increasing traffic to your site. Link Building  is also a great tool, as is commenting on other posts and forums, guest blogging and higher search rankings. But to start out, I think the three avenues listed here can help any novice get their business off the ground, and even advanced Online Marketers can utilize the offline methods to improve visibility and audience traffic.