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How to submit a Website to the Search Engine using Google Web Master Tools


You have a great website, Attractive colors, High quality Images, Wonderful catchy Graphics, awesome layout and great content. That’s cool and very nice website. But wait a moment ! 

Has your website been indexed in the Search Engines ? 

Well, if your answer is NO, then you are shouting among the dumb crowd. It does matter when it comes to getting traffic towards your website. You don’t go to the millions of people to tell about your website or the content they need of. There are millions of thousands of websites and blogs running after Search Engine Optimizer. Remember only a few among the crowd who guarantee you to get your website at the top of the search results.

You can imagine the cost to get the top ranking for your website but if you want to be a part of this marathon, you must write a Cheque for getting professional service from an experienced SEO. You can’t stifle the wish to get the high volume of targeted traffic towards your site from the Search Engines. You must be aware the worth of high traffic to your site for improving your site rank.

Now, are you helpless at all? And absolutely no idea how to see your website in the search result of any Search Engine Result Page (SERP) by yourself?

How to submit website to Google Web Master ToolsLet me distract you from this way of thinking, There are some easy methods to follow for submitting a website in the Search Engines list without paying a huge amount to the people who don’t know more than that about how to throw your website in the search list. so let’s get started.

5 easy steps to submit your website in the Search Engines using Web Master Tools

Step 1: let’s start your submission with Google Web Master Tools. Type in your browser and if you already have a Gmail account then Sign in otherwise you would be prompted to Sign up before you go to submitting  your website in Google Search Engine.

Step 2: As soon as you logged in to your account you will see a Red Button at the right side of the page Saying “ADD A SITE“. Just Click on it. You would be prompted to Enter the URL of the web site you’d like to Add. Enter your website URL in the field and the click the Blue Button to Continue.

On the next page you would asked: “Recommended: Upload an HTML file to your server”.

Step 3: You have to download the XML file through the link provided. Download the file to your desktop or where ever in your Computer you wish to save it.

Step 4: Upload the Downloaded file to your website root directory like by using your Web Host Control Panel or through any FTP program like FileZilla or CuteFTP.

Step 5: Once you uploaded the file to the server, Click the Red Button saying “Verify Now”  on the Web Master page.

A massage will appear showing that the site has been submitted to the Search Engine list successfully.

There are some other ways as well to submitting your site to the Search Engine but if you are the owner or Administer of the website that you are going to submit, this is the most recommended method to prove your ownership as well.

You could submit your website using the same process, to the other Search Engine Web Master Tools like Bing and Yahoo site explorer.

Now your website has been indexed in the Search Engine and if your website has the original content which is being searched by the visitors around the world, Your website is no longer be away from the people around the globe who are trying to search the content you may have.

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