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How to make a website Search Engine Friendly?


Creating a website in different ways using tons of web page Editors, is super easy these days but making it Search Engine friendly is a bit difficult specially when a web designer is not a website optimizer or not familiar with Search Engine optimization tips and tools. There are millions of website that look very professional and attractive with lots of interesting content but when you see the traffic status, you find no traffic or not impressive figures for the site stats.

how to write Title-description & keywords
how to write Title-description & keywords

This is because the website isn’t optimize according to the Search Engine requirements. No traffic means “who cares” so if you are going to create a website or have one already, optimize your website as per the requirement to get your website displayed in the search results. I have already written some basic rules and tips in my previous Article “Meta Tags”! First Step towards Search Engine Optimization but let me concisely describe the role of Meta Tags to improve search Engine visibility in the search results.

 How to write a Website Title Tag ?

The website Title is the main item that tells the Search Engine as well as user that what is the website all about. The Title tag is the key tag a Search Engine looks to find a website to see the relevance words with a user search terms. The best practice for a Title Tag is to be short and descriptive to the website basic information. That mean’s you need to be specific while going to write a Title tag for any website. If you are going to create a business website then try to find out the best words to be used in Title Tag that are good as the users demand and search.

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There is a mixed approach towards number of characters used for Title Tag but as far as I concern, I use less 60 characters for the Title tag. A descriptive phrase for the Title is much better than separate line of words. Try to use the main keywords in the starting 3 three words of the Title. So 60 or less characters using the best keywords in the Title Tag is great to be found in the search results.

What is the best way to write Meta Description Tag? 

Once you have selected the main keywords and written the Title Tag, you need to focus more on the Meta Description Tag. Once a search Engine finds the relevant keywords in your website Title, it looks for more relevant information using Description content so you need to put the main keywords in a different way from the Title tag but don’t put the same words that you have used in Title tag. Meta Description Tag should be 150 characters or less to be a search Engine friendly.

Try to write a descriptive and meaningful description that helps Search Engine as well as a user to understand the content of your website. I recommend not to use such keywords or phrases in the Description, that are not available in the website pages or posts so you need to be relevant with the content.

How to Find and write the optimized keywords? 

Simply the keywords just like the address to your website that a Search Engine uses to find your website. you can find the best keywords for your content and website using Keywords Tools through the SEO websites or the softwares that comprehensively analyze your website and generate the best relevant keywords for your website. Google keywords Tools is the best way to find the relevant keywords that provides lots of information about the access rate and competition for any specific keyword.

The best practice for number of keywords is less than 600 characters for any website to comply the search Engine terms and rules. Using phrases as your keywords are far better than writing a single keywords so try to write the best phrases for your keywords so that you could find the best results by the search Engine results page.