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3 proven methods to Double freelancers Earning from a single job

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Sound’s Interesting ! Almost every freelancer has a primary goal set in mind to utilize the maximum earning potential against regular work hours. That’s true and logical when it comes to the freelancers who already utilizing their time to the traditional jobs but looking for a piece of cake from a part-time freelance job in their spare time.

Getting the jobs online is not a simple task. A freelancer must have knowledge and expertise at what he/she is best in. But on the other hand, getting hired on freelance marketplaces like Elance (Now Upwork) ““, Peaple per hour and other freelance job portals is difficult while you see a crowd on a job posted by the clients. The competition is high so you should be prepared to learn some useful tips and tricks to get hired and stand out from the crowd.

Honestly, Applying for an online job and getting hired now a days is like an “Art” and you must know the things that are essential for getting the concentration and consideration of the clients towards your job proposal. Literally, If you know some proven tips and tricks, you could see an amazing improvement in your hiring percentage against the submitted proposals.

I have already talked about several simple and effective freelance tips and tricks to get hired for freelance jobs. Check the links for details.

Now, I am going to explore Three Methods that could generate you more money other than a project cost you are hired for.

Top 3 Tips to Triple your Freelance income from a Single Web design job

First Source : Getting a job for Web design / development 

Let suppose you are hired for a web development project by a client on (now moved to  for $300. This is the pure one time earning you could get on completion of the successful project. But you can ask the client about Hosting and Domain name if he/she didn’t already has. According to my experience in freelancing, I got the positive response 3 out of 10 clients. That means every 3rd client either didn’t acquire the hosting or had a prior bad experience. Also several clients came up with the business ideas but they didn’t already purchased a relevant domain name for the web project.

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Secondary Income source : Selling Hosting account to the Client

Now, If you dive into a little bit deeper in the freelance earning potential, You could join any top level hosting providers as an affiliate freelancer like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Namecheap and several others in order to provide hosting account to your potential client against a very healthy percentage of affiliate commission the hosting providers pay to their affiliate members. This would be your Secondary Income Source to double the earning and of course you don’t even need to do any extra working for this piece of cake. Just refer your client to the affiliated hosting using your affiliate code and you are done. Note: Each hosting provider follow their own Terms & conditions for payment the Affiliate earning.

Become a hosting Re-seller for long term potential earning 

I personally recommend buying your own hosting server as a “Re-seller” so that you have full control on dealing, marketing, selling and getting paid instantly rather than selling but waiting for the payment more than a month or two. As a re-seller you can instantly offer your client a pre-described space from your available server space. You could decide and ask the price by yourself. Also designing / developing the website could be a one time job but hosting it on your own server may give you an early income source each year and that would be without doing any thing extra.


Third potential earning source : Selling Domain name 

The third possible earning door may be selling the domain name. A number of Client come up with the planned ideas for their web projects but they found confused when they come to the Domain name of the website. You could offer “Domain name Research and Buying service” for a little more payment.

You could jump over to the different Domain name registrars to see their domain price list for the different TLDs (.com .net .org .info so on ) but if you want to be a professional Domain seller as well, just get the membership of any top level registrar in order to get discounted prices and other seller benefits.

So these are three methods you can go through further to exercise the potential earning tips. This will take no time but could provide you not only long term earning from a single job but the long term relation to the potential buyers and it may be a source to give your other freelance jobs in future.