How to get Freelance jobs by creating professional profile and quality proposal

Freelance Articles

Freelance means providing quality services to the people who need these services like if you are Article writer, this is your skill and you can cash your skill by getting the job from the people who wish to give the relevant job to any competent professional who could provide the required results. Similarly you can take jobs like Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Search Engine Optimizing, Email writing and Marketing, Social Media and so on. 

Freelance jobs can be performed from home or office even if you are traveling, just turn on your Laptop and start working from any where. Freelance jobs required Skill, professionalism, Experience and capability to take responsibility for providing the best results to the client. There are some important things to consider while going to take freelance projects

1. Finding a freelance Platform: You can get freelance jobs from the websites that acts like a middle man. They simply get jobs from the client around the world and publish on their website where Contractors (freelance professionals) bid on the project by sending their proposal. some of these web sites are,,, etc.

2. Creating Professional freelance profile: A professional profile is most important in getting the freelance jobs from the client. A professional profile required the following essentials. 

  • Photograph:  A professionally looking Photograph of yours is the most important thing your profile may have. It gives an idea about your personality and help client to take decision. You should add the Photograph at appropriate place so that client can easily see the photograph. The top left side is the most appropriate to place the photograph.
  • Overview: The top most part under the name and tag line should be an overview about yourself and the services you are expert in. You should include only skills your are experienced in. Don’t include in which you have a little knowledge or in learning process. Try to focus on the key services that you could provide comprehensively.
  • Skills : this section is the most important part of the professional freelance profile. You should have the skills in this section that match with the job you are applying for. If you are submitting the proposal for the job of Graphic designing, you must have relevant skills like Logo designing, banner ad designing, background, Icons and so on so that client could consider you as a professional freelance services provider.
  • Portfolio: This is also the mind making part for the clients. They need to have satisfaction about their job and every client wants to give the job to a capable professional who has experience in the relevant field with hands on knowledge about the relevant job. The portfolio makes the mind after looking the demos and previously done jobs that give idea to the client about your professional experience. You should add the high quality stuff at the top of your portfolio because most of the clients don’t go all the way and after some top quality work, they decide to select you as their company insider.
  • Education: Although it’s the most important part of the profile to show your Academic Education but it’s a fact that for the freelance jobs,  clients don’t give more importance rather than professional Education. They want to get the desired results from the competent people so whether you are a Master degree holder or a student of intermediate level, if you have the quality and competency that matches the requirements of the job, client doesn’t hesitate to give you the project. 

 3. Creating a quality Proposal: Truly, The proposal is the Game changer. You are not alone who sends the proposal  to the client for any specific job rather there would be a number of people who may or may not experienced and skilled more than you. Freelance profile and proposalSo how can you get the job among those professionals? The answer is simple and you need to have a proposal that is professionally tailored and have all the necessary information and knowledge that a client needs to see for their project. You should use simple words rather than using typical industry jargon so that client could easily understand the content of your proposal. Add some references of your previously done jobs that relevant to the project you are submitting the proposal for. Try to create some demo versions if you are new to freelancing and have not enough stuff to show. Don’t left this section blank if you have no previous examples. Instead, download some templates from the Internet and try to create some for you by taking an idea from these templates. 

  •  Job Description: Remember whether or not you have every thing in your profile, The proposal is the mind maker object for the clients. So you need to focus on the job description that is given by the client. You should read a project description at least 2 to 3 times and note down each point that needs to be addressed in your proposal. Try to address each and every thing in your own words in your proposal so that client could understand that you have read all the  requirements that are essential for the project.
  • Time Allocation and Availability: You need to inform the client about your available timing so that client could have an idea about what is the most appropriate time to discuss with you whether for getting updates or directing you about any editing. You need to be available on the given time to show your professionalism and time punctuality and that will build trust between you and the client for the future relationship. 
  • Attachments: You should notify the client at the end of your proposal that there is an attachment with this proposal (if you have a company profile or a profile that is in specific format like PDF) and let the client know about how the client could open the profile using the relevant software. 
  • Closing: In the last portion of your proposal you should add your location and contact information including your email address and any real time chatting program ID like “Skype” so that client could discuss with your prior to awarding the job. This could be final phase of getting the project. The client could interview you on Skype and once you satisfy him/her, you are done. Keep your moral high about the project and always show confidence about the given job. Don’t use the words like “I think” I’ll do that. Instead, you should say “I assure you” or ” I am sure”. That will help client to trust you. 


So these are simple requirements you should focus on while going to be a freelancer and getting freelance jobs using the relevant experience and skills on any freelance website or platform. Good Luck !